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Here at The Spoon Jeweler I take pride in all that I do - from the quality craftsmanship you will find in my beautifully handcrafted spoon jewelry to my sense of customer care and customer service. When it comes to doing a great job, I strive to do the best I can and I hope it shows.

It is always nice to hear you're doing something right. Thank you for the comments.
I was just visiting your website display of the spoon jewelry. I just gotta tell you how stunningly beautiful the pieces are, so much so, that they belong in a jewelry case at Nieman Marcus. They are truly works of art, so well crafted and designed uniquely. The beads and pearls provide the bracelets with a delicate touch and throwback to another period.......the Victorian period, actually. I must say I FELL IN LOVE WITH A COUPLE OF PIECES!!
Mike, the quality of your workmanship is that of a pure and true artist. And this is just by looking at the pictures of the jewelry. I'm probably gonna be amazed by their elegant beauty when I actually see them. Can't wait, so get back to me, pronto! JK
Thanks for getting the order out so quickly. It arrived on Thursday! The pieces look great!
My mother is going to be so excited!!! Very nice jewelry.
I sent your site to my daughter and she had me pick one for my birthday. Well, today is my birthday and I love it! In addition, she picked out one for me, therefore I have 2! You do amazing work! Thanks! Made my birthday special!

I have received my rings and I love them! They are better than pictured and I was going to give one for a gift, but I may just keep them for myself!!
Your jewelry creations are beautiful. My compliments to you. I especially like some of the bracelets and rings. Great craftsmanship on your part. I'm holding onto your website information to come back to. I just have to decide which one I want to order first. Keep up the great work. Hope to be shopping with you soon.
Blessings and smiles and again..THANK YOU!
(i LOVE these earrings..i got them as a gift for my 85 yr. old mom, as it's her birthday in a very few days..but... she may have to just borrow them from me...hahahahahahaha)
You have made some beautiful pieces of art! I also love the history behind
anything with a history. My mom says I was born with rust running through my
veins~she could be right!
 Love LOVE your jewelry!!! I am trying to decide what I want to purchase. Just wanted to tell you that...
I love your creations. I swear some of your spoons were BORN to be your jewelry.
Just recieved my bracelet and it's beauitful! You do an amazing job! Will be ordering again soon!
I think what you do there with the silverware is amazing. I wish I could do that. I make jewelry myself but mostly wire wrap and beaded stuff. I will definitely keep your site on favorites and check it out for Christmas ideas. GREAT JOB!
 I really shouldn't have bought all this tonight but I fell in love with your collection at first sight. I have your page bookmarked and do plan on purchasing more from you in the future, you have an eye for style and balance that I admire. Thank you so much for doing that for me. I very much appreciate it and I will definitely be spreading the word about you here in Montana. Thanks again :)
Thank you so much!! The Bracelet is beautiful!!
Mike, Good day first of all! I just wanted to say, “You do some of the most beautiful work I have seen in the area of jewelry making.” I am saving my cart for my husband to see, hoping he will get me my wish list! Wish me luck!!
I don't think I have ever seen anything so beautiful. I will definitely pass this web site on to all my friends.
Just a note of thanks for an awesome job on the bracelets-the girls really
thought they turned out well and were a nice keepsake from the family
Thanks. My daughter had a hard time just picking out one ring!!!!!!
Hello Mike:
The jewelry arrived yesterday and I absolutely love it! I can't wait until Christmas to give out all of these gifts and tell the story that goes with them. Thank you so much for your quick service!
Hi Mike,
I received the bracelets today. I just want to tell you how much I love them. I have been wanting some sort of "mother's" jewelry and couldn't find a ring or anything that I liked. I absolutely love this bracelet, it is perfect. The other bracelet is a gift and I think it is perfect also. I may have to order more for Christmas gifts.
I totally forgot to email you on Wednesday (which was my girlfriends bday) but thats when it came. It's beautiful and it fits perfectly! Thanks again :)
Hi Mike, Don't know if you will get this, but my bracelet came today and I love it! Thanks. I'm looking anxious to see the others I ordered.
I received the ring yesterday. I am very pleased! Thank you so much!
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